What’S Another Word For Unsuccessful?

What is the periphery in the body?

Peripheral means “away from the center.” It refers to areas away from the center of the body or a body part.

For example, the hands are peripheral to the shoulder.

The toes are peripheral to the knees..

How do you use periphery?

Periphery sentence examplesThe largest vessels have ready entrance to the harbour – which has a periphery of 15 m. … Similarly the giant cells are produced at their periphery into a number of branching processes which bear similar end-organs on their surface and in some cases terminate in them.More items…

What is the opposite of success?

What is the opposite of success?failurecapitulationinadequacymessmisadventuremiscarriagemisstepbad movedebaclefrustration62 more rows

What is the root of the word unsuccessful?

1610s, from un- (1) “not” + successful (adj.). Related: Unsuccessfully. A noun unsuccess “lack of success” is recorded from 1580s.

Is Successfulness a word?

The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted: arrival, success.

What’s another word for not successful?

What is another word for unsuccessful?futileuselessvainabortivefruitlessineffectivefailedunproductiveineffectualunavailing232 more rows

What is a synonym for failed?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for failed. deficient, disappointing, inadequate, inferior.

What is the opposite word for failure?

Antonym of FailureWordAntonymFailureSuccessGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is another word for periphery?

What is another word for periphery?borderboundaryedgeperimeterrimborderlinecircumferencefringemarginverge119 more rows

Is Unsuccess a word?

By most people’s definition, unsuccess is not a word. It’s easy to understand even if you’ve never seen it before, so a few people are bound to use it.

Is failed or was failed?

Either way, it is correct. Without more complete sentence examples it’s hard to be sure about this, but in the IT environment I work in, “Failed” can be either a past-tense verb or an adjective describing something in a state of failure. In the former sense, “the test is failed” is incorrect.

What is another word for success?

What is another word for success?achievementaccomplishmenttriumphvictorywinascendancyattainmentfeatglorymasterstroke144 more rows

What is the meaning of unsuccessful?

not successful: not successful : not meeting with or producing success.

What is the meaning of periphery?

1 : the perimeter of a circle or other closed curve also : the perimeter of a polygon. 2 : the external boundary or surface of a body. 3a : the outward bounds of something as distinguished from its internal regions or center : confines. b : an area lying beyond the strict limits of a thing.

What is the opposite of fails?

Opposite of to fail, especially in spectacular fashion. succeed. flourish. prosper.

Who is unsuccessful person?

Unsuccessful people tend to remain unhappy and unsuccessful because they spend too much time enviously focusing on the accomplishments of others. They refuse to take responsibility for their own lack of achievement, and jealously obsess about those who actually put the work in, take smart risks, and hit their goals.