Quick Answer: What Does Impeded Mean?

What does enwrapped mean?

transitive verb.

1 : to wrap in a covering : enfold.

2a : envelop.

b : to preoccupy or absorb mentally : engross..

What word means to prevent something?

precludepreclude. Preclude is defined as to prevent something from happening or to prevent someone from doing something.

What is another word for should?

What is another word for should?mustneed towant towantoughthad bestbetterhad betterwill want to be sure towill want to15 more rows

What is another word for interconnect?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for interconnection, like: link, linkage, connection, correlation, interdependence, interrelationship, relation, relationship, tie-in, hookup and connect.

What does asunder mean?

into parts torn1 : into parts torn asunder. 2 : apart from each other …

Is relentless good or bad?

As to your question, “relentless” is neutral, i.e. neither good nor bad. Moral judgment depends on the goal.

What is the opposite of impeded?

impede(verb) Antonyms: expede, help, assist, expedite.

What does relentlessly mean?

Relentless is a good word for describing something that’s harsh, unforgiving, and persistent, like the hot sun in the desert, or a cold that keeps you in bed for days with a nose like a strawberry. When you’re relentless about something, you mean business.

What does antinoise mean?

adjective. designed to reduce or ban excessively loud sound, as of jet engines or traffic: antinoise legislation.

What does vindictive mean?

1a : disposed to seek revenge : vengeful. b : intended for or involving revenge. 2 : intended to cause anguish or hurt : spiteful.

What does scheme mean?

1 : a plan or program of action especially : a crafty or secret one. 2 : a systematic or organized configuration : design color scheme. 3 : a concise statement or table : epitome.

What is a spiteful person?

When you’re spiteful, you act in a mean way, with a desire to hurt someone. … If you act or speak with the desire to hurt, bother, or infuriate someone, you are being spiteful.

How do you use impede in a sentence?

Impede sentence examplesThe underbrush will impede the progress of the hunted animal. … I have fallen off three times already, which is starting to impede my progress. … If the reefs impede navigation they form some good harbours. … This will impede learning, essentially causing more problems than solutions.More items…

What does the word interconnect mean?

transitive verb. : to connect with one another. intransitive verb. : to be or become mutually connected.

Is interconnectedness a word?

noun. the quality or condition of being interconnected; interrelatedness: the interconnectedness of all nations working toward world peace.

What is a vindictive person like?

A vindictive person has misguided pain. They feel frustrated, helpless, hurt or ignored and are unable to change their circumstances without ensuring that they affect others in the meantime. They don’t have the necessary strength inside to find better ways to handle their feelings.

What is the difference between spiteful and vindictive?

is that vindictive is having a tendency to seek revenge when , vengeful while spiteful is filled with, or showing, spite; having a desire to vex, annoy, or injure; malignant; malicious.

What does Impeading mean?

verb (used with object), im·ped·ed, im·ped·ing. to retard in movement or progress by means of obstacles or hindrances; obstruct; hinder. …

What is the synonym of impeded?

impede, hinder(verb) be a hindrance or obstacle to. “She is impeding the progress of our project” Synonyms: jam, block, obturate, stymy, stymie, embarrass, hamper, handicap, hinder, blockade, obstruct, close up, occlude.